How to create the perfect home gym

Perhaps you've grown tired of the crowds and the stench of sweat at your typical commercial gym. Or perhaps you find that travel times associated with getting to and from your local workout centre could be less for that amount of time you spend actually exercising. Or you could be tired of paying for those facilities which have to be shared with others.

If you've experienced these or plainly feel dissatisfied with your local gym, it may be time to consider owning your own personal home gym. 

Before you start shopping, it may be worth noting that many people have great gym equipment at home, sitting unused in a corner somewhere. 'It won't be me' you think. 'I worked out everyday at my local gym'. Of course, you won't know until you try. Having a home gym is great for convenience, but it isn't for everyone. However, there's a way to avoid this problem, and that is to make your gym sessions fun!

How can you do that? 

1- The first thing to look at is your budget. You don't need to spend several thousands on fitness equipment. By planning well, bargain shopping and choosing only equipment you'll need, you can reduce the amount you'll need to spend. Avoid that treadmill as you can run in a natural environment such as your neighborhood! You can start building your first home gym with less than $1000.

2- How much space do you have? If you have a backyard or garage, you might like to consider that space as your exercise area. Keep in mind that outdoor weather is unpredictable. Consider converting an empty room if you have one to keep your exercises out of the rain. 

3- Now you can look at: what exercises do you prefer? While it's bad to have an unbalanced exercise regime, you still need to prioritize what equipment you're buying with that budget. Start off with equipment and exercises you like before thinking of purchasing equipment for other types of exercises. Alternatively, choose equipment that allows you to do different kinds of exercises. Barbells and weights are a great example of this. You can also opt for modular fitness equipment such as pakour sets (or dip/pull up bar sets)

Fitness kits

Dip and pull up fitness racks can come in many shapes and sizes. They're effective for training your core strength as well as arms and upper body strength. They're quite versatile and can accommodate several positions. If you buy a modular kit from TubeClamp, you can also readjust the structure to try new types of exercises. Modular fitness equipment is great because apart from adjusting to your height and body requirements, you can also easily bring them with you when you move. Monkey bars are a fun and great alternative or add on to parkour sets. 

If you'll like to try something new, perhaps aerial yoga might be your thing.

If you're thinking of designing your own equipment, have a look at this blog:

You'll also need to consider simple equipment like weights and skipping ropes for in between sessions. They provide a simple but effective form of training, especially skipping ropes which helps to build up your leg muscles. Don't skip leg day!

4. Flooring

Flooring may not seem important, but if you're going to be doing planks and stretches on the ground, it may be worth investing in a few commercial grade foam mats for your exercise area. Foam mats provide some cushioning and insulation, protecting your skin from the ground temperature and reducing the shock from falls or landings. They're pretty sturdy and last long without abnormal use. Not to mention, they're pretty affordable!


Once you have your gym sorted out and assembled, you're ready to start. Don't forget to alternate your exercises, and perhaps, consider inviting a friend or neighbor to test out your new set up!


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