Monkey Bars and Ladders

What are Monkey Bars

Monkey Bars are: 'a piece of playground equipment consisting of a horizontally mounted overhead ladder, from which children or adults may swing.'

They are formed of two parallel bars, with a series of rungs fixed inbetween. They can come in various shape and sizes, designed for either children or adults. They can be part of any fitness regime and offer a fun and effective way to build up upper body strength.

Benefits of Monkey Bars

Increased strength

Monkey bars are fun to hang from. It's so fun that you won't notice how much training you're actually doing until you start losing your grip from being tired. Swinging from bar to bar trains your grip, back and core strength. You can also use the bar for pull ups, hanging sit ups and dips, which will further workout your arms and back muscles. Keep swinging for half and hour each day and you'll have a toned upper body before you know it.

Balance and motor skills 

Especially for children, fine motor skills are important to develop. In order to do this, they must first train in upper body and core strength. (Click here to learn more about how core strength affects children). Monkey bars give access to all these skills, from strength training to eye coordination and motor skills through, practicing swinging. It also builds up confidence as a child or adult becomes confident in swinging and doing tricks on the monkey bars. 

Improved Posture

The combination of swinging to build momentum and core strength building helps to strengthen abdominal muscles, which is essential for good posture. This also helps to protect the spine.  

Overall health

Exercising in general increases the heart rate, improving fitness. Increased fitness is essential to living a healthy lifestyle. Exercising also helps to relieve stress and tension from your body, helping you to feel better about yourself and your body. 

Buying Monkey Bar Kits

TubeClamp offers a range of monkey bar kits made from pipe tubes and fittings. These tubes and fittings are versatile, allowing you to build your monkey bar any way you like. With high customisation and modularity, you'll be able to redesign or upgrade your monkey bar anytime you wish without issue. You'll also be able to move your monkey bars around with you easily by disassembling. Tubeclamp fittings are easy to use, requiring only a hex key to secure. 

With the low maintenance, high stability and strength of the tubes and fittings you can be assured of the quality of your bars. All tubes and fittings are galvanized in steel, with the option for powder coating in various colours. You'll be able to keep your monkey bar outdoors in the elements without worry for rust or destruction.

Monkey bar DIY: Extending Monkey Bars

If you are using a 800.2 Modular Ladder Section or any other TubeClamp monkey bar kit, you can expand your monkey bars using a 800.6 Modular Telescopic Joint to retain its strength. The telescopic joint consists of a 1000mm A sized tube and TC149 External Tube Joiners

Calculating for your monkey bar

This depends on how much space you want to have between rungs. The recommended space between rungs is 35 cm for children and at least 45 cm for adults. To know how many rungs you need, divide the length of your bar with your intended spacing of your rungs.

(Length of your tube) / (Space between rungs) 

For example, if your monkey bar is going to be 2200mm long, and you're an adult, you'll want to put a 450mm space between rungs. You'll insert in your calculator: 2200 divided by 550, which will give you 4. Therefore you'll need 4 rungs in your monkey bar. 

Likewise, if you'll like to decide on the length based on the number of rungs, take the distance between rungs and multiply it with the number of rungs you want to have.

(Space between rungs) * (Number of Rungs) 

The recommended rung length is >350mm for children and >500mm for adults. 

Using a Monkey Bar as a Ladder

A ladder is a vertical monkey bar. It can be used as part of a fitness regime, either vertically or in a sloping angle (such as part of a monkey bar or parkour set). You just need to install the ladder normally using the fittings required (TC101 Short Tee or TC161 Standard Crossover)

Ladders generally have a shorter space between rungs compared to monkey bars, so be sure to calculate adequately. To meet government standards for a portable ladder, the rungs need to be spaced apart between 250mm and 360mm. 


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