Our retail range are the perfect solution for modern retail, commercial, or industrial display. Our fittings are available in various types, styles, and colours. Tubeclamp always strives to ensure your business will benefit from using our product. We will always voice our opinion on how to use our product in your best interest. Contact our office today for any designs, sketches, or questions.

Clothing Racks

Suitable for almost any retail space, TUBECLAMP offers a myriad of ways in which to display your wares.View more.

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Retail Display


A robust solution suitable for any retail space.View more.

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When it comes to securing your bicycle, TUBECLAMP has your needs covered. Have another design in mind, get in contact and we can work together to realise your ideal solution.View more.

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Trolley Bays

TUBECLAMP fittings, posts and rails are used extensively to construct trolley bays and similar collection equipment.View more.

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