Why choose Tubeclamp?


Made from ductile cast iron our products are built to last. Each fitting is able to hold up to 5,650N (575kg) (tested in house). This can be achieved simply by tightening the grub screws using an Allen key. Using such an easy mechanism, everyone can build robust and artistic objects.


Modular structures eliminate design and engineering costs, and on-site fabrication issues while reducing installation costs. Tubeclamp fittings can be adapted or extended with
additional components, and adjusted on-site.


Designed for ease of use, our Tubeclamp fittings are created for the modern construction environment. It combines the benefits of strength and durability without the need of specialised tradesmen, hot works permits,fire spotters, and welding protection to finished surfaces.


Our innovative and cost effective system enables any individual the ability to connect and build structurally secure objects without the need for time and
labour intensive alternatives.