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Modular & Adaptable
Modular structures eliminate design and engineering costs as well as on-site fabrication issues while reducing installation costs. Tubeclamp fittings can be adapted or extended with additional components, and easily adjusted on-site.
Fittings and tube holding up a weight
Made from ductile cast iron, our products are built to last. Tubeclamp fittings are capable of holding a minimum of 5,650N (575kg - tested in house). This can be achieved simply by tightening the grub screws using an Allen key. Using such an easy mechanism, everyone can build robust and artistic objects.
Tubeclamp fitting dipped in paint
Charmingly Stylish

Tubeclamp fittings and tubes have a simple aesthetic charm. However, in order to cater for both the modern and traditional styles, our products are available either in the original galvanised finish or powder coated in a range of contemporary colours and finishes (for an additional charge).

To view the list of Powder Coating colours available, click here for the dulux powder coating range.


Tubeclamp is a seller of high quality, reliable tube fittings made from galvanised steel and aluminium. Whether you need round or square fittings for steel or aluminium tubes, we have the perfect solution for you. Our fittings are suitable for both indoor and outdoor projects, and they feature an easy slip-on and tighten connection system. 

This means you can skip the hassle of welding or using special tools. Simply slide the fitting onto your tube and use an Allen key or Hex Bit to securely tighten it in place.

No matter if you're constructing a DDR compliant handrail, setting up scaffolding, furnishing your space with handmade furniture, or designing a pre-made or custom-made structure, Tubeclamp has you covered.

TC104 & SQ131 together in a par
Tubeclamp Self Assembly Kits
Predesigned Kits built from our Tubeclamp fittings to fill any number of functions.
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We Ship Australia Wide

Looking for pickup or delivery?

We currently offer onsite pickup on orders from our Sydney or Melbourne warehouses. However, if you are looking for delivery we also offer paid shipping to anywhere in Australia

We aim for same day dispatch on all orders placed before 10am Monday - Friday and next day dispatch (on the next available work day - excluding public holidays) for orders placed after the cutoff time of 10am.

For inquiries regarding International shipping, or any other questions, please contact us at sales@tubeclamp.com.au.

Boutique Clothing Store in Mosmon
Looking to add a unique touch to their in-store clothing racks, this boutique store chose to incorporate tubeclamp fittings. With the help of BEN HAMOU's innovative design, they have opted for a fit-out that involves powder coating all the fittings and tubes in a stylish Dulux anotec dark grey shade.
Clothes racks made from Tubeclamp fittings
A clothing store with furniture and racks made from Tubclamp Fittings
Shop Fit Out, CAIRNS
Paul Brookes Construction provided the design and installation for this project, along with the supply of TubeClamp fittings and custom-cut tubes. The real challenge here was not just the sheer size and complexity of the project, but also the need to meticulously pack and ship all the fittings and tubes. Each section was carefully labeled to ensure a smooth and hassle-free installation process.

Tubeclamp Structural Fittings have been designed and tested

to comply with the requirements of Australian Standards AS 1657:2018 for handrails.

Our products are suitable for use in temporary and/or permanent structures.

For more information please refer to the Tubeclamp product guidelines found here.