Solid Dynamics has been selling and manufacturing tube clamp fittings since 2008. We produce our own products at our manufacturing facility overseas. We are strict with our quality control and only provide good quality products. We are experts in this field and are very familiar with our fittings. Click HERE to download our reseller form.


What are the benefits of becoming a Tubeclamp reseller?

  • You talk directly to the manufacturer, and not through any third party.

  • We keep a large amount of stock on hand and will keep you updated on the status of your orders.
  • You will be given support in terms of general information, brochures, and face-to-face technical expertise.
  • You can discuss any customer designs with our staff to ensure that structures are strong and stable.
  • Tubeclamp fittings is our only business and we are experts on how to maximum the potential of our product.


What are the advantages of Tubeclamp fittings?

  • We are constantly trying to improve our product. We decided to change the material used in our fittings from malleable cast iron to ductile cast iron. This decision was warrianted because it provided a 18% increase in overall strength to all our products.

  • Due to our continued pursuit of quality, we have designed our fittings with wall thicknesses much thicker than necessary.  

  • All fittings are galvanised to combat the natural elements. We guarantee each fitting to have a coating of no less than 40μm. This is to ensure that our product will last longer and customers gets value for money.

  • To improve the corrosion resistance properties, we apply an electroplating process after the galvanising to all fittings.

  • Any new fitting introduced into the market has been designed in house by Solid Dynamics Engineering. They are also responsible for improving any existing products with new age techniques.
  • A lot of thought has gone into selecting the best set screw for the fittings. Engineers decided to use a set screw which will deform before any damage will occur in the fittings.