Tube Fittings

Group of Tee fittings

A smarter way to connect.

Our Tube Fittings are a strong and reliable alternative to welding and pipe bending. Our fittings are made of hot dripped galvanised steel (or aluminium-magnesium alloy for our Aluminium fittings) and are designed to slip onto tube and be fixed in place using an Allen Key and the provided setscrews.

We offer fittings are both round and square tube as well as fittings made from both steel and aluminium.

Our range includes:

Flanges & Bases


Elbows & Junctions

Split / Add-On Fittings

Boxclamp (Square)



Ramps & Stairs


Liteclamp (Aluminium)

Fittings by Function

Square bore steel fittings designed to suit square bar
Lightweight aluminium alloy fittings
DDA compliant handrail fittings

Tubeclamp Fittings are...

Weight held by Tubeclamp Fitting Symbol
Tubeclamp fittings are strong & reliable.
Modular Tubeclamp Symbol
Expand, add onto or remove parts as needed.
Fist holding Allan Key Symbol
SElf Assembly
Put it together yourself. No Welding!
Paint Swatch Symbol
Stick with a modern galvanised finish or opt for powdercoating.