Premade Tubeclamp Kit Designs

We offer a wide range of kit products including shelves, tables, fitness equipment, parkour and yoga frames, storage, and more. Our Tubeclamp fittings are incredibly versatile and can be used in various applications, designs, and functions. We have carefully curated a collection of premade kits that feature Tubeclamp fittings, along with precut bars, based on our own ideas or custom designs created in collaboration with our customers.

Whether you need shelving for a new shop front, want to create your own home gym, or need to expand your store's trolley bay storage, we might have exactly what you're searching for.

Like the look of our kits but they dont quite fit your space? Why not contact us for a custom design? We are always happy to work with you to create a whole new product that suits your measurements and style.
Clothes Racks & Display Tables
Sports & Fitness, Parkour & Bike Racks
Tube, Scaffold, Up & Over & Fencing Gates
Retail, Office, Computer desks & more
Single & Multiple Lane Trolley Bays
Warehouse, Retail and Home Storage

Handrail Stanchion Kits

Guardrails and Disability Handrails made easy.

Tube Furniture Kits

Unique & Modern Tube Furniture

Custom Designs

Looking to make your mark with a custom design?

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Converse Melbourne courtesy of Xzakt Building Solutions
Sports NSW Milsons Island Strengthening Outrigger