Introduction to DIY home outdoor playground/fitness equipment

Our outdoor playgrounds mainly consists of various tubes and fittings joined together to form fitness equipment structures such as monkey bars, dip bars, pull up bars, yoga structures and other similar items. These structures can be combined to create a fun fitness/playground course, with many different variations and styles to try out. From monkey bars to aerial yoga frames to parkour sets, you can find what you're looking for or design your own playground course. 

Why buy a fitness kit?
The price of attending a gym regularly ranges from $14-35. A yearly gym membership to Plus Fitness, one of the cheapest gyms will cost you $13.95 a week, which equates to $725.4 a year. That's not including joining fees and the other more expensive gyms in your area. 

With that same amount of money or less, you can purchase a decent customised fitness kit from TubeClamp, allowing you to exercise from the comfort of your own home. You'll also save on recurring fees and travel time!  

Children and adults alike can enjoy using fitness equipment from TubeClamp tubes and fittings. These are easy to use, with no need for welding and are easily adjustable throughout the assembly process.

Before choosing your equipment, you should consider how much space you have and what styles and variations you would like for your fitness equipment. 


Fixed or Freestanding structure

Makes use of several supports to remain standing without being fixed to the ground. This removes the need to drill holes into the ground or wall, leaving your ground or room intact. This may also mean that your playground structure requires more bracing and support. On the other hand, you can adjust its position much easier than with a fixed structure. If you plan to move around often then freestanding fitness equipment is for you.

Fixed structures are bolted to the ground or wall to secure them to the location securely. It is beneficial to consider your wall/ground strength before going through with this type of structures.

Monkey Bars/ladders

Monkey bars and ladders essential come from a similar design concept. They consist of two long tubes with shorter rungs in between them, holding them together. These can be attached to other structures, either vertically to form a ladder or horizontally above the ground to form a monkey bar. They can also be installed at an angle to create a harder challenge! 

Dip/Pull up Bars

Dip/Pull up bars are essentially a single tube bar, supported above ground and fasted securely at a specific height which allows you to either do dips or pull ups. It can be formed on an existing standing structure by adding a tube with TC101 Short Tee or TC125 Standard Elbow depending on your structure. 

You can add as many or as few of these as you want!


Braces steady the structures and increases the amount of load it can support. They tend to be formed at an angle (mostly 45 degrees) to the structure and can be placed on the ground or between tube angles. 

A brace can be a single diagonally placed tube or two tubes, supporting the structure from the ground. Other support includes the modular ladder support which acts like a pillar, supporting your structure. 

Using supports helps to sturdy and strengthen your structures and allows you to put additional load on it, in this case, more people. It's always more fun with a friend!


Add TC182 Hook or TC173M Swivel male as an attachment to your top most bar to fasten a swing to your playground equipment. It's simple and easy.


Add barriers to improve safety, create a challenge or add hiding spots to your equipment! It's as easy as adding a TC198 Double Lug Bracket or TC199 Single Lug Bracket to your structures then attaching your panels onto them. Blockades are especially useful for parkour moves or for giving your children more hiding spots when they play hide and seek.  


You can also get tube and fitting sets in a large range of powder coated colours. No need to stick to one colour. Powder coating improves the strength of the parts, especially in aiding it to avoid corrosion. Adding colour to your playground and protecting it a the same time. What a great bargian!

Kits Comparison Chart

Kits are an easy way to purchase your DIY equipment. It comes with all the tubes and fittings you need for your project so you don't have to worry about missing a part. TubeClamp fitness kits only require a hex key to assemble. 

Fitness equipment

Aerial Yoga/Calisthenic Kits

Size guide (The size is taken from the longest length of the assembled kit): 
S <1.5m
M <2.2m
L >2.2m
XL >3.2m

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