Bed 972 - King Single Bed "Mitch"

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The K972 King Single Bed is a durable king sized single bed. Great value for a bed that will last a lifetime. Economical and durable, you'll sleep well knowing you got a good deal.

Easy to assemble, it features our easy slip-on and tighten connection system which only requires a hex key to secure. With this kit and a few minutes, you will be able to assemble a sturdy and long lasting bed frame. 

- Mattress in picture not included in this kit

Kit contains: 

TC101B Short Tee

TC116B Corner Middle Cross

TC125B Standard Elbow

TC128B Corner Top Cross

TC133B End Cap Plastic

TC161B Standard Crossover

TC167B Double Swivel Combine

TC173B Swivel Tee Combine

1980mm Tube

1910mm Tube

940mm Tube

490mm Tube

450mm Tube

410mm Tube

Tube size: B 25NB/33.7mm

Custom Sizes:
If you want to order a custom size, the easiest way is to look at the image on the left with red and blue coloured letters and change the (L, H, W, S, etc) to your own dimensions.

You only need to fill in the dimensions in red.

After placing the kit in your cart, leave a message in the "Special Instructions to Seller" with your dimensions, or email us. We will get back to you soon with a quote.