HRI0-11 - Industrial Tubeclamp Handrail Component For Ramp 0-11 degree - Fitting Only

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This product is a custom made to order kit. If you are interested in purchasing this item please contact us directly for a price quote.

Tubeclamp offers a wide range of convenient and versatile Railing Kits that provide an unmatched solution for constructing strong and scalable hand railings, barriers, or guardrails. These modular kits eliminate the need for specialized tools or complex welding. The fittings easily slide onto the tube and are securely fastened using the provided setscrews, which can be tightened with either an Allen Key or Hexbit Drillbit.

To get started with your railing project, begin by selecting the gradient/slope option that best suits your specific site requirements. Then, personalize your kit by choosing the desired Tube Size, the type of post you need (Intermediate, End, Corner, or T Junction), and the number of rails you'll require. Please note that not all options are available for every combination of types and fittings.

Each Railing Kit contains the following:

1 x Top rail fitting of your choice (Post Type)
Grubscrews/Setscrews for each fitting
Fixing screws where neccesary ( DDA Swivel Tees & Wall Assist Brackets)
* Optional 1 x 2nd / Mid Rail Fitting
* Optional 1 x 3rd / Bottom Rail Fitting

Tube, as well as Base Post Kits, is sold seperately.

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Our Return Policy

Tubeclamp allows customers to return unused products in good condition within 5 days of purchase. However, please note that there may be a handling/restocking fee of up to twenty (20%) of the invoice value for returns. Alternatively, Tubeclamp also offers the option to exchange returned items for products of similar value. Please keep in mind that certain items, such as cut bars or altered/modified products, may not be eligible for return.

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