Parkour Fitness Madagascar 8011

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The classic! This simple time honored design will keep the little ones occupied for hours on end. Our strong and durable fittings will ensure the structure’s longevity and your children will be swinging like a ninja in no time.

Height adjustable and can take an individual load of 150kg. Weather proof, low maintenance and suitable for modifying in the future.

     - Easy to construct
     - Strong and sturdy
     - Built to last
     - Extendable, add accessories or extend the structure

    Assembled size footprint:

    L: 4470mm x W: 2335mm (approx)

    Main structure dimensions

    L: 2850mm x W: 800mm x H: 2300mm 

    LayBuy and ZipPay available (By request only and subject to approval)

    Designed for both indoor and outdoor projects. Featuring our easy slip-on and tighten connection system which only requires a hex key to secure, making it simple to assemble.