TubeClamp Pipe Furniture DIY Ideas

TubeClamp offers a range of pipe furniture frames such as tables and benches. These furniture frames can be customized to suit your home and needs. But what else can you do to create your own unique furniture apart from the normal wooden planks? Here are some ideas to help you get started.

Personalized cushions

One of the easiest ways to customize seats is to customize its cushion covers. If you can't sew, there's a wide range of covers and cushions in stores and online. 

For customized foam cushions for curved benches, have a look at this tutorial video:

You will need: Your fabric of choice, sewing thread, sewing machine or sewing needle, a zipper if you intend to change the covers, cushion/foam, scissors.

Woven twine seats 

Woven twine or sisal rope supports look great on the steel frame and provide adequate support without need for cushioning.

You will need: Sisal rope, scissors, basic knot tying or weaving skills.

Webbing or mesh seats

Similar to the woven twine seats, webbing is layered onto the bench tubes to form seats. It can be added in several different ways. Through tying it on, stapling the webbing together, cutting silts in the metal to insert the webbing or adding another fitting (TC170 and TC171 Panel clips) to the seat. A wire mesh or similar can also be added with the panel clips.

You will need: Webbing, knot tying skills or stapler, scissors.

DIY Epoxy resin panels 


There's a new trend with epoxy tables where people add epoxy to pieces of raw, strangely shaped wood to create an illusion of water. The epoxy comes in many shades, including metallic, allowing you to add an iridescent shine to your seat.

Clear resin can also be added to encase other objects in a flat solid surface.

You will need: Epoxy or resin of choice, mould for the epoxy shape (can be formed with acrylic panels and tape), sandpaper, wood or any additional items you would like to embed in the acrylic.

You can find a tutorial on how to create your epoxy panels here:

LEDs or Interactive elements

(Image by: Phil Tucker. You can find their LED tutorial here)

LEDs add charm to any object by shining its light. It can be programmed to change colours or light up at certain intervals or upon certain actions such as touching a button. LEDs can be encased in a bench or table panel using a clear or opaque glass (or acrylic) panel to cover the top, giving you a space to sit on while protect the LEDs. 

The advantage of using TubeClamp pipe furniture to do this is that the tubes are hollow, allowing you to hide wires and other small components inside the tube, meaning your project comes out looking more professional. 

You will need: LEDs, arduino board or similar, wires, breadboard or soldering iron, resistors, bench surface, glass or acrylic cover, glue or screws and drill for fastening the cover.


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