LLABRND - LokkLatch Round Post Latch & External Access to suit D48 Post C48 Gate

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Round Post Latch + External Access Kit (EAK)
Locking the External Access Button does not simultaneously lock the Main Latch
• Designated model for round posts
• Ideal for chain link gates like tennis courts, etc.
• Key-lockable convenience
• Operates and locks from both sides of the gate
• Optional: push-button External Access Kit (EAK)
• Super-strong polymer construction
• 316-grade stainless steel components
• Won’t rust, bind, sag or stain
• Vertically and horizontally adjustable
• Tested to over 200,000 closures
• Australian Made and Owned
• Lifetime Warranty

Fits to diameters: Gate frame: 35mm & 41mm. Post: 48-51, 60 & 73mm Gate frame: 1⅜” & 1⅝” Post: 1⅞”-2”, 2⅜” & 2⅞” For use on round-posted fences and gate frames around homes and gardens. Ideal for chainlink-style gates. Key-lockable LokkLatch® is stylish and provides a high degree of vertical and horizontal adjustment. It can accommodate gate gaps of up to 50mm. The latch comes with adaptors to fit post diameters from 48-73mm, and the striker fits gate frame diameters of 35mm and 41mm. An optional ‘External Access Kit’ (push-button release) is available for operating the latch from the street side of the gate, but note that locking the External Access button does not lock the main latch simultaneously.