Bed 977 - Monkey Bed "George"

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The K977 Monkey Bed "George" is perfect for kids. With a monkey bar on top it is ideal for those who need to burn energy before bed or wake up swinging into the day. Open up a whole new world of exciting design possibilities with our range of add on products.

Easy to assemble, it features our easy slip-on and tighten connection system which only requires a hex key to secure. With this kit and a few minutes, you will be able to assemble a sturdy and long lasting bed frame. 

If you have a custom design in mind, email us with sketches and we will get back to you with a quote.

- Mattress in picture not included in this kit

Kit contains:

TC101B Short Tee

TC116B Corner Middle Cross

TC128B Corner Top Cross

TC133B End Cap Plastic

TC161B Standard Crossover

2150mm Tube

1970mm Tube

990mm Tube

920mm Tube

Tube size: B 25NB/33.7mm

Assembled size: 

1022 x 952 x 2192mm (L x W x H)

For Single sized mattresses

Fitting Size
Tube Size
Tubeclamp Code
Outside Diameter
T 21
A 27
B 34
C 42
1 ¼
D 48
1 ½
E 60

*Figures given as guidance only, dimensions and weights are subject to manfacturing tolerances and may be altered without prior notice.

Product: TubeClamp® fittings

Fittings cast of malleable cast iron - galvanized finish
Cast iron fittings or casting to comply with AS 1832 (ISO 5922)
Hot Dipped Galvanized finish to comply with AS 4680

Set Screw:

Cup Point Case hardened setscrew in 45CR Alloy Steel (alternative* Stainless Steel 308)
Size C42, D48, E60 using 3/8” ISO 228 with 5/16” (8mm) hex key
Size A27, B34 using ¼” ISO 228 with ¼” (6.5mm) hex key
Size T21 using 1/8 BSF with 3/16” (5mm) hex key

Feature: No Welding Slip on Structural Fittings
Tensile Load: min 5,650 N axial load subjected to 40Nm tightened torque (FOS 2.0 min)
Testing: Internally by Solid Dynamics Engineering Pty Ltd. Testing videos are available upon request
Design: Tubeclamp Structural Fittings, when properly installed per manufacturing recommendations, meet or exceed all applicable requirements as specified by Australian Standard
Applications: Handrails, Trolley Bays, Temporary Structure, Shop Fittings, Furnitures and many more.