Aerial Yoga 8110 Dual Frame Catie with higher centre -110kg rated 42OD

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3 in 1 Aerial Yoga/Silk set, 2 sets of Aerial yoga and 1 set of Aerial Silk in the middle which stands higher than the Aerial Yoga to achieve a higher ground clearance for Aerial Silk movements. It allow up to three people to use the equipment at once for Yoga practice. This is suitable for groups who wish to train collectively.

Fully portable rig perfect for promotions, events, demos etc. Also ideal for beginners who want to practice their skills but do not own their personal space or property and desire a quick and easy assembly process at any time.

It features our easy slip-on and tighten connection system which only requires a hex key to secure, making it easy to assemble.

Why buy a TubeClamp fitness kit?
TubeClamp products are affordable, durable and have a high level of modularity, allowing custom designs and add on variations. Perfect for DIY enthusiasts, it offers freedom in designing and redesigning your own fitness equipment. With TubeClamp, you'll never be stuck with features you don't like as you can always move each tube and fitting around to suit your needs, even after assembly.

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