Parkour Fitness Borneo 8013

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More bars, more fun! This structure features a triple end frame at one end, with lots of room to monkey around. Made from our strong and durable Tubeclamp fittings, this structure will last a lifetime.

Height adjustable and can take an individual load of 150kg. Weather proof, low maintenance and suitable for modifying in the future.

 - Easy to construct
 - Strong and sturdy
 - Built to last
 - Extendable, add accessories or extend the structure
 - LayBuy and ZipPay available (By request only and subject to approval

Assembled size footprint:

L: 4580mm x W: 4630mm (approx)

Main structure dimensions

L: 2850mm x W: 2850mm x H: 2300mm 

    Designed for both indoor and outdoor projects. Featuring our easy slip-on and tighten connection system which only requires a hex key to secure, making it simple to assemble.