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Tubeclamp offers Steel and Aluminium Bar Tube that is strong and reliable, tested to Australian standards and sized to work perfectly with our Tube Fittings.

We can supply bar in both Galvanised Steel and Mill Finished Aluminium of up to 6.5m in length that is suitable for structural or architectural construction.

Our tube is not suitable for fluid transport.

Powdercoating options are available. For more information, or to arrange a quote, please contact us directly at

Our range includes:

* Galvanised Steel Round
* Galvanised Steel Square
* Aluminium Round
* Painted/Powdercoating (by request only)

Sizes Available

Galvanised Round

T21 - 21.3mm /0.84" OD
A27 - 26.9mm /1.05" OD
B34 - 33.7mm /1.33" OD
C42 - 42.4mm /1.66" OD
D48 - 48.3mm /1.9" OD
E60 - 60.3mm /2.375" OD
15 (0.50") NB
20 (0.75") NB
25 (1.00") NB
32 (1.25") NB
40 (1.50") NB
50 (2.00") NB

Aluminium Round

B32 - 32.0mm /1.26" OD x 3.0mm thick
C40 - 40.0mm /1.57" OD x 3.0mm thick
D48 - 48.4mm /1.90" OD x 4.5mm thick

Galvanised Square

S25 - 25 x 25mm SHS OD
S40 - 40 x 40mm SHS OD

Galvanised Round Tube

Aluminium Tube

Galvanised Square (SHS) Bar

Specials & Accessories

Due to courier restrictions and shipping costs, our website offers a limited selection of cut lengths for tube. If you require a specific length not listed, please contact us at to see if we ship to your location, and/or to arrange a quote.

Please note that full length bars (up to 6.5m) may only be delivered within metropolitan Sydney and Melbourne. For orders of longer tube, we recommend considering store pickup instead.