Floating Mix of Fence Fittings

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The Tubeclamp range of Fence Fittings allows you to construct non structural tube builds such as fences & gates. Our fittings are light weight and clamp-on allowing them to be easily added on to existing structures while remaining sturdy and long lasting.

In additional Tubeclamp offers Chainlink ( Chainwire) Mesh and Accessories, Self Closing Hinges and more.

Our range includes:

* Fence Fittings
* Gate Hinges & Latches
* Chainlink Mesh & Accessories
* Chainlink Gates

Fencing by Function

Lineup of Fene Fittings
For more information regarding our Fencing products, including technical information or other product information, please contact our sales team directly at sales@tubeclamp.com.au.

Due to size and weight limitations we do not always keep all Fencing products in stock at all times. Please note that some products, such as uncommon sizes or bulky items, may take additional time to be made available for dispatch.