481 - Railing Assist Mobility 1 Railing / mtr

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This product is only available upon request. Prices shown are indicative only and do not include freight, Contact us for a quote.

Specifically used in areas with a flat ground, this assist railing complies with the AS1428 Standard. A kick plate is included as part of the handrail with the top rail having a smooth finish.

You can purchase this handrail with its standard dimensions or request for different dimensions by emailing us the dimensions, sketches and pictures for a quote of the job.

Standard vertical posts: 850mm.

Overall height of Handrail is 900mm.

Fittings used in sample handrail:

4 x TC756 - Offset Swivel Saddle

2 x TC101 - Short Tee

4 x TC232 - Base Fitting

4 x TC198 - Double Lugged Bracket

2 x TC723 - J Bend

Price estimation per lineal meter.