480 - Railing Assist Mobility Wall Mounted lineal mtr

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The simplest solution for a wall mounted handrail. If you have a wall where you would like a handrail, the best way to do it is with our wall bracket fittings. Easily install a simple handrail system without the fuss. The wall brackets allow for smooth grabbing along the handrail. If you need the handrail to comply to Australian standards, you can use the TC765 wall mount end fitting with spacers to get the perfect fit as shown in the picture.



You can purchase this handrail with its standard dimensions or request different dimensions by emailing us the dimensions, sketches and pictures of your design for a quote of the job.



Fittings used:
2 x TC770 - Handrail Wall Bracket
2 x TC133 - Plastic End Cap
Overall height of Handrail should be 900mm.
Price estimation is per lineal meter.