464 - Shopping Trolley Bay Triple Width x 4m long

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Tubeclamp fittings, posts and rails are extensively used to construct trolley bays - same design concept applies to wheelie bins, garbage bins and other similar equipment collection, storage and retrieval situations.

Trolley bays are just another example of how flexible and versatile theåÊTubeclamp products can be used to create barrier type structures of almost infinite variations on the basic theme of modular barriers.

  • fast and simple to erect
  • cost effective
  • No hot works required, cut to size
  • Proven in many existing trolley-bay applications


Assembly Required
This set is design for Top/Surface installation
Assembled Size

4.0mx 3.0m x 1.0m (L x W x H)

Kit net weight 200kg

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All fittings and tube 48mm OD unless otherwise stated

All tube and fittings have a galvanised finish