457 - TubeClamp Railing Roof Post Combination - Non Penetrating Railing

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TC 457 - MR Non Penetrating Post Type 1 for membrane rail.

Approximate overall dimensions are:

L1230mm x W 320mm x H 1050mm

The kit consists of:

TC104D Long Teex 1pcs

TC129D Adjustable Short Teex 2pcs

TC161D Standard Crossover x 1pc

TC101D Short Tee x 2pc

TC450 Railing Roof Base Plate for Non Penetrating Railingx 2pcs

TC451 Railing Roof Counterweight Plate for 20kgx 5pcs

(Prices are estimates, subject to availability)

All tube and fittings come in a standard galvanised finish. Any timber/accessories shown for illustrative purposes only.