455 - TubeClamp Railing Roof Post Standard (Inline) - Non Penetrating Railing

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TC 455 - MR Non Penetrating Post Type 1 for membrane rail.

Approximate overall dimensions are:

L1230mm x W 320mm x H 1050mm

The kit consists of:

TC104D Long Tee x 2pcs

TC129D Adjustable Short Tee x 2pcs

TC119D Standard Cross Tee x 1pc

TC101D Short Tee x 1pc

TC450 Railing Roof Base Plate for Non Penetrating Railing x 2pcs

TC451 Railing Roof Counterweight Plate for 20kg x 5pcs

(Prices are estimates, subject to availability)

All tube and fittings come in a standard galvanised finish. Any timber/accessories shown for illustrative purposes only.