425 - Safety Handrail System /mtr

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Be sure to protect your people. Our AS1657 compliant handrail is the optimum choice for mezzanines, walkways and platforms. The safety railing system features a top rail, mid rail and kick board for additional safety. The kick board is attached to each vertical post with a TC 198 fitting with fasteners. If the platform is raised at a height, the kick board prevents objects from falling off an edge.

You can purchase this handrail with its standard dimensions or request different dimensions by emailing us.

Standard vertical posts: 850mm.

Overall height of Handrail is 900mm.

Kick Plate: 100mm x 6mm

Service platforms and mezzanines
Warehouses and loading bays
Roof service areas and fall edges
Pedestrian pathways and footbridges
Car parks and community centres

Price estimation per lineal meter.