TB D Trolley Bay Mirror 8000mm Long (Double x 2 Sides)

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TB TROLLEY BAYS Front & Back 8000mm Long


Tubeclamp® Modular Trolley Bay - made from galvanised Tubeclamp® fittings and steel tube. Tubeclamp® trolley bays could be installed by a normal tradesman and without any welding on site.


Advantages of using Tubeclamp® modular trolley bay:

  • Safe time from ordering to installation (same day or next day availability)
  • Easy to specify and save time from ordering to installation
  • Easy to transport (supplied in length and boxes)
  • Ready to assembly - No Welding on site
  • Fully adjusted on-site (Cut on-site to customise the installation to suit site condition)
  • Tubeclamp® fitting has a shear strength capacity of 5850N or 595kg (FOS 2 min)
  • No (or minimum) maintenance
  • If the trolley bay got damaged: only modify the damaged section (not the whole structure) 



  • Single Line (0.9m wide) x Double-side (Front & Back) 8.8m long
  • Double Line (1.8m wide) x Double-side (Front & Back) 8.8m long
  • Triple Line (2.6m wide) x Double-side (Front & Back) 8.8m long


Trolley Bay Dimension:

  • Each lane is 0.85m wide clearance and each post (0.85m high) is either 2.0m / 2.2m apart
  • Please specify the length if a shorter dimension is required
  • Post to be secured with medium-duty concrete fasteners M12 (excluded)
  • All pipe is 48mm OD / 40NB Pipe



  • Ready to despatch 1 business day from our Sydney / Melbourne warehouse.
  • Flatpack in pallet – ready for assembly
  • Available in the galvanised finish only