SP BELTNFROGS - Scaffold Belt with Frogs (no tools)

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    Items in the kit;

    • 1 x buckle  belt
    • 1 x claw  hammer frog
    • 1 x shifter frog
    • 1 x aluminium stabila level frog
    • 1 x nips frog
    • 1 x tape measure frog
    • 1 x ratchet frog
    • 1 x single key frog

    The leather frogs are made out of 3.8mm plus thickness & the belt is made out of 5mm plus leather, black colour leather, which is one of the best leathers available.

    All frogs & belt are handmade & made to suit the tool that, they carry & made to be durable.

    Kits are made to suit the needs of the scaffolder