Aluminium 173 - Swivel Long Tee Combination Pipe Fitting

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  • A complete combination swivel fitting, variable through 170 degrees. Note: Swivel fittings are not designed to resist bending loads. A structure should not be designed entirely of swivel fittings as they will not provide sufficient stability for the structure.

  • Fitting Size
    Tube Size
    Tubeclamp Code Kee Klamp Code Outside Diameter Imperial Metric
    B 34 6 32.0mm x 3.0mm 1 25NB
    C 42 7 40.0mm x 3.0mm 1 ¼ 32NB
    D 48 8 48.44mm x 4.5mm 1 ½ 40NB
    E 60 9 60.3mm x 3.0mm 2 50NB
  • Product: LiteClamp® fittings

    Lightweight high strength Aluminium-Magnesium Alloy A535

    Set Screw:

    Forged internal/external knurled cup point set screw with class 3A threads 6mm with 5mm hex (allen) socket key

    Feature: Corrosion Resistance
    Permanent shinny surface
    Low Maintenance
    Tensile Load: Up to 185kg (with FOS 1.5 min)
    Testing: Internally by Solid Dynamics Engineering Pty Ltd. Testing videos are available upon request
    Applications: Handrails, Shop Fittings, Furnitures and many more.
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