HR 422 - Railing Post End C42 1m High

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Product Description

Tubeclamp's range of Handrailing Kits offer a convenient and versatile solution for building sturdy and scalable hand railings, barriers or guardrails. With these modular kits, there is no need for specialized tools or complicated welding. The fittings can be easily slipped onto the tube and secured with the provided setscrew using an Allen Key or Hexbit drillbit. Then fix your base-plate to the ground using a masonry drill bit and fasteners (sold separately). This means that you can start building right away without any hassle.

The HR 422 kit is designed for constructing an End of rail stanchion post of 1m in height.

For added convenience, the kit offers the option to purchase the 42.4mm OD vertical rail tube and concrete screw fasteners as separate options. All fittings and tubes are made from galvanized steel, ensuring durability and longevity. If desired, powder coating options are available upon request.

* For a 48.3mm OD version of the fittings and bar available see HR 422 D48.


Kit Options Include:

  • 1 Rail - TC125C Standard Elbow & TC132C Standard Base Flange
  • 2 Rails - TC125C Standard Elbow, TC101C Short Tee & TC132C Standard Base Flange
  • 3 Rails - TC125C Standard Elbow, TC101C Short Tee x2 & TC132C Standard Base Flange
  • Safety Rail - TC12C5 Standard Elbow, TC101C Short Tee, TC199C Single Lugged Bracket (to attach kickrail) & TC132C Standard Base Flange

- Please note that the horizontal tube is sold separately and is not included in this kit. For more information contact us directly.