Chainwire Chainlink Wire Mesh Fencing 50x50 3.15mm wire Heavy Galvanized

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Chain wire fencing also is known as chainlink, chainmesh and chainwire fencing.

It can be used for various application in domestic, commercial and industrial applications such as:

  • Security fencing
  • Building/factory/site enclosure
  • Tennis courts 
  • Cricket enclosure nets
  • Storage cage
  • Wildlife highway fencing
  • and many other applications to suit your specific requirements.

Made of heavy galvanized 3.15mm with 50mm x 50mm aperture diamond shape. Also available in Standard galvanized 2.5mm wire or PVC coated 2.50mm wire or Heavy galvanized 3.15mm wire.

Our chain wire fencing is knuckle/knuckle selvedge versions.

Our mesh is manufactured per the guidance of AS1725-2010 - Chainlink fabric fencing and standard grade - Class B to AS1650-2.2

Available in size. 

  • 0.9m wide x 10m Roll (ex Mel ) & 15m roll (ex Syd)
  • 1.2m wide x 10m Roll (ex Mel ) & 15m roll (ex Syd)
  • 1.5m wide x 10m Roll (ex Mel ) & 15m roll (ex Syd)
  • 1.8m wide x 10m Roll (ex Mel ) & 15m roll (ex Syd)
  • 2.1m wide x 10m Roll (ex Mel ) & 15m roll (ex Syd)
  • 2.4m wide x 10m Roll (ex Mel ) & 15m roll (ex Syd)
  • 3.0m wide x 10m Roll 

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