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Either your want to have your best shape body with our pipe fitness equipment or having fun with our monkey bar system: everyone would enjoy our versatile pull up - chin up - dip bar - monkey bar - playground bar equipment. 
It is so modular that you can have your adjustable pull up bar with your dip bar at your desire heights. It is adjustable and you can store it flat pack and assembly it within minutes. 
You can make your free standing aerial yoga structure without worrying unstable and bulky attachments. It is so fun that we makes our monkey bars and widely used in public parks and parkour events


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Built for young and old, monkey bars can provide endless hours of fun in the sun. View More.

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When it comes to securing your bicycle, TUBECLAMP has your needs covered. Have another design in mind, get in contact and we can work togther to realise your ideal solution. View More.

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