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Retail racks

Create your ideal retail space


Than just a clothes rack

Clothing racks exist for one purpose - to help you sell more clothing. The right clothing rack can transmit an aesthetic which gives a particular feel to your store, helping your customers to connect with your products. Display racks help attract customers directly toward the styles that they prefer.


Industrial look

Get the look you want, at a price you can afford! Tube and fittings offer a contemporary look that is both industrial and modern. Open metal structures give a clean look and provide breathing room for your space.
Made from ductile cast iron, our products are build to last. Tubeclamp fittings are capable of holding a maximum of 5,650N (575kg - tested in house). This can be achieved simply by tightening the grub screws using an Allen key.

Not just for handrails

A myriad of possibilities

Commonly used in car parks, shopping or airport luggage trolley bays are often subject to impact by careless motorists and being able to replace sections without having to weld or replace the entire structure is invaluable.
Being left in the elements means that corrosion protection is very important. Using Galvanised tube and fittings, Tubeclamp Shopping trolley bays are sure to stand the test of time.

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