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Simple and easy

Easy Installation

save time and money

Tubeclamp Handrail Systems sets the standard for time and cost saving in the installation of walkways, stairs and ladders. Components delivered to site include fully galvanised stanchions, rails, bends, kick-plates, slip-joints and closures - all ready for trouble-free installation.
The modular Tubeclamp® system allows speedy erection and finishing, with a minimum of on-site welding, providing considerable savings in time and labour costs.

Not just for handrails

A myriad of possibilities

Commonly used in car parks, shopping or airport luggage trolley bays are often subject to impacts by careless motorists and being able to replace sections without having to weld or replace the entire solution is invaluable.
Being left in the elements means that corrosion protection is very important. Using Galvanised tube and fittings, Tubeclamp Shopping trolley bays are sure to stand the test of time.


Designed to take on anything

Barriers, stairs, ramps, whatever the space, Tubeclamp fittings can be use to build a rail to either protect from hazards, or assist pedestrians. Use it either on a standard saftey barrier or a compliant assit rail.
Pipe railing is versatile, pipe can be cut to fit on site and the various fittings can be used to design pipe railing for any scenario.

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