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Build your ultimate


Not as daunting as it seems

Building gym equipment with pipe and fittings gives you the freedom to create exactly what you need, while also being easily extensible in the future. Some of our most popular gym projects are parkour obstacles, which can be assembled with Tubeclamp fittings, pipe, and a few simple tools.
Have a question? Reach out to our team for design assistance.

Mount it to the Wall

or Ground

More than one way to provide stability: Anchoring structures to a wall or floor provides another way to set up your frame. While it's possible to build a solid structure that is completely freestanding, mounting it to a surface will help to increase the stability and strength of the structure


with your free space in mind

Sometimes buying off the shelf just doesn't cut it. It's either too big or odly shaped. Mass produced kits don't always cater to your needs. At Tubeclamp, we don't just offer kits, our friendly staff can also help you design a bespoke stucture as unique as you are.
Built to fit you and to keep you fit, the possibilities with Tubeclamp are endless.

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