TC 134 - Ground Socket Galvanized Pipe Fitting

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  • This fitting secure vertical tube into the ground. The fitting is placed into a hole and filled with concrete in-situ so it can be hidden without sticking out above ground. This design enables temporaly installation or casual installation without exposing the base fitting above ground level.

  • Each fitting has various different sizes (A, B, C, D, E, T). First select which size tube or pipe you want to use, then look at the corresponding size in the table shown below. E.g. You want to use 48.3mm OD tube therefore you need Size D fittings.

  • Manufacturer: Solid Dynamics
    Brand: TubeClamp
    Material: Galvanise Steel + electroplating*




    TubeClamp fittings are guarantee to hold minimum 5,650N axial load only when set screw is tightened to 40Nm which includes a safety factor of more than 2.
    Set Screw: Case Hardened Steel