Luv Bridal Installation

Luv Bridal Installation

The team at Tubeclamp were recently commissioned to deliver and install a clothes rack structure for luv bridal weddings.

Robyn, an artist in the dress making industry had enquired about wedding gown clothing racks for her new store. Her request included 4 x 3m long racks, 2 x 5.5m long racks and a whole room to keep as her repository for extra dresses.

Many steps were taken to ensure the best possible outcome for our customer, firstly we began the installation by marking out all the floor work, locations of the base flanges as well as the distance to congruent racks. Once all this was confirmed upon by the team we drilled into the timber floor, and began fixing all the base flanges.

Once we completely fixed the base flanges, we began construction on the vertical posts. Once leveled and aligned perfectly straight, all vertical posts were fixed into position by tightening the grub screw. The sides of the top rail protruded approximately 300mm which and were enclosed by TC183 plastic caps. Two of our brand new product, the TC183 hanging hooks were attached to the ends in order to show off a sample of specific dresses to customers.  

The next rack was a slightly more elaborate to design all the posts and top rails were connected and consisted of 3 90 degree turns. Like the previous process the floor flanges were bolted down at the appropriate positions initially, the vertical posts were leveled and tightened. Several of our fittings were used to attach the top rail to the posts. The edges consisted of the use of TC125 elbow fittings to finish off the rails ends, the corners utilized the TC128 fitting to connect the vertical post along two railing pieces.

Our customer Robyn was very pleased with the final product and in her own words said “I will definitely recommend your services to friends in the wedding industry, the joy we experience through customer appraise is what drives us to work harder and create incredible products so that people enjoy the best possible services and merchandise.


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