How to build a bed (Step by step assembly)

Want to build your own custom bed? Then this step by step guide will show you exactly how to do it. 

Using the 978 (Mobile Pipe Bed 'Nathan') kit, this guide will show you how to build a bed entirely from TubeClamp fittings and tubes. The benefits of these fittings is that unlike traditional pipe fittings that connect to tubes using a threaded connection, TubeClamp fittings slide over the tube and is secured by tightening a set grub screw on the fitting. This makes them easier, faster and more convenient to use as well as giving the advantage of disassembly. 

Your bed frame can easily be disassembled and reassembled completely or partially, making it easier to transport, as well as adjusted, giving you the freedom to redesign your shelf with the parts. The only limit is your creativity. 

Colour options

Tubeclamp fittings and tubes comes in a galvanised steel finish which has a simple aesthetic charmHowever, we also offer a wide range of powdercoated colours and finishes (for an additional charge). To view the list of colours available, click here to view the dulux powder coating range.


As with most TubeClamp projects, you can assemble the project in any way that makes sense to you. there is no 'set' order for assembling a Tubeclamp project. However, it is recommended to start from the bottom and work your way up. This guide shows what we believe to be the easiest way to assembling this shelf. 

Tools required: 

Hex Key size B

Fittings for assembly (Or purchase them in a kit here: 978

Tube size: B 25NB/33.7mm 

Assemble the pipe bed frame

Assembly for the bed frame is very straight forward. 

With your fittings prepared and laid out, you can assemble the bed starting from the frame's head and end. Slide fittings TC199, TC101 and TC116 on the frame head tube and close the top with a TC125. On the other side of the head, fit TC199, TC182, TC101 and TC116 on. For the frame end slide TC199 and TC116, closing the top with a TC125. Cover the table branch end with a TC133.

Take the longest tubes and join them together with TC161 Corner Middle Cross at 3 points. Join the sides with the head and end with the TC116 from before.

Now add the X310 Castors to the bed frame using TC131 Base Flanges. 

Make sure all fittings are secured properly, tighten them with a size B hex key.

You should now have a structure similar to the images above.

Add a table 

The 978 kit includes an adjustable table arm. You can take advantage of this by installing a small timber table to the two TC198 Double Lug Brackets by screwing it on. This ensures a secure and aesthetic table. It is recommended that you sandpaper and coat this table for a smooth finish before installing it.  

Add your desired mattress base

Depending on your tastes and budget, this mattress base is entirely up to you, whether you decide to go for wood, metal more pipes of even plastic. We recommend using timber panels or planks, screwed together. All you have to do is using your mattress measurements, cut the base support into shape and place it on your bed frame. Place your mattress over it.

Congratulations! You are done! You should now have a comfortable and durable bed. 


You can try various alternatives when building your bed, such as adding castor wheels for mobility, adding brace support for increased stability or changing the size of your bed. You can even include add ons to your bed frame, such as monkey bars or tables. Your mattress dimensions will determine how long the pipes of your bed frame needs to be. You'll want them to be a bit longer than the edge of your mattress to prevent it from sliding around. You can build your bed at any height you want. 

We can assist you with your designs and needed. Just send us an email at or call us at 1800 88 23 25. We offer free CAD drafting services for all your projects.

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