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Functional Fitness - Getting into it with TubeClamp

Functional fitness is a trend that's seeing an increase in 2019. Not only will you look better, you'll gain several health benefits from exercising. These benefits include: relieving depression, higher energy levels, reduced risk of chronic diseases, improved memory, better sleep and decreased pain (more information here).

It's not hard and you'll only need around half an hour a day. 

Functional fitness
Functional fitness is exercise that mimics our daily movements and is based around strength and body training that helps improve balance, coordination, strength and endurance. For example, lifting replicates picking up a shopping from the ground.

This type of fitness training is on the rise because people of all ages understand the need to move with purpose. Such exercise also prevents injury and supports mobility. 

What is involved? 

Body weight training

Body weight training has been around for many years, and is extremely convenient as all you need is your own self. You can do simple exercises such as push ups, squats, lunges, jumps, pull ups, dead lifts, shoulder presses and planks. Build up your own exercise routine to fit your needs or or find one in a fitness blog.

Upgrading your training

So what's next? It's great and cheap to be able to exercise without equipment, but what sort of equipment fueled exercises can improve your training? What about upside down lunges, hanging sit ups, hanging squats and hanging core exercises? You'll only need a pull up bar for these!  TubeClamp offers various pull up and dip bars which can be combined with body weight training to improve your results. You can also use parallel bars to increase your coordination and balance.

Monkey bars can also be a viable option to pull up and dip bars. Not only can you do the same exercises, you can also include core body and leg exercises by incorporating swinging across bars in your routine. It's not just effective, it's fun too! TubeClamp offers various DIY monkey bar kits which are completely adjustable and can be custom made for you. Height adjustment? Check! Various colours? Check! The monkey bars are reasonably priced too, with a long lifespan.

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Creating your own workout

1. Scheduling is key - When do you have time? 

One factor that prevents us from doing what we want is time. The same goes for your grandest fitness goals. In order to pursue them, you need to set aside some uninterrupted workout time each week. Are your Sunday afternoons quiet? What about that Monday after work? Schedule it in! Being organised and on time will also affect your mentality. A positive mind will lead to a good workout! 

2. Rest

It is important to go slow and steady in your workouts. If you're just starting out, don't try to run 10km everyday! It's great to be motivated but never overwork your body - it may cost you injury.

Resting to let your body recover between workouts is a good idea, however be sure that your rests breaks aren't too long! 

3. Variation

Rotate your exercises daily. While you may think one type of exercise is particularly efficient, if you keep doing the same workouts, it may result in a plateau in your progress, or an unbalanced body (for example, if you skip leg day, you'll have a buffer upper body and skinny legs). 

It is important to vary your workouts to keep challenging your body!

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