The TC801 is a freestanding monkey bar, part of our fitness collection. This is a guide on how to assemble the kit after purchase. 

You will need: 

1 x TC801 kit

1 x Hex key size C

1 x Hex key size B

(Optional) Tape measure

(Optional) 4 x Bolts to secure TC131C to ground

Fittings used:



Step 1:

Attach the four 770mm tubes to the four 1000mm tubes at the ends with the TC112C fittings as shown in the image above. Tighten them into place with a size C hex key. Attach TC133C End Cap Plastic to the four ends of the 770mm tube, where the TC112C is.

Step 2: 

Attach the four 2300mm tubes to the previous four triangle structures with the TC112C and TC125C. Tighten them into place with a size C hex key. 

Cover the top of the four 2300mm tubes with TC133C.

Step 3

Attach two of the four structures together with two 710mm tubes and TC101C. Tighten them into place with a size C hex key. Repeat once.

Place TC133C onto the top of the four 2300mm tubes.

Step 4

Take the remaining 2300mm tube and add a TC133C to the bottom and TC133C to the top. Tighten the TC131C into place with a size C hex key. Insert the TC161XCB onto the 2300mm tube with the larger (size C) opening - do not tighten the TC161XCB yet.

Step 5

Combine two 1600mm tubes with a TC149B, do this twice. Attach the TC161XBC from step 4 to any one side of the 1600mm poles. After that, insert TC101B to the tubes you have just combined. Place four TC101B on each side of the TC149Bs, you should have a total of eight TC101B on each side (please refer to the image above).

Use the TC101B you've just attached to insert the 710mm size B tubes. Spread out the eight 710mm tubes evenly or use a tape measure to space them 350mm apart before tightening.

Tighten all the fittings into place with a size B hex key (excluding the C size side of the TC161XBC).

Step 6

Attach the monkey bar structure you have just assembled to the two side supports with the four TC101CB. Adjust them into the right height for you with a tape measure. Tighten them into place with a size C and B hex key. Fasten the TC161XBC at the right height with a size C hex key. 


Congratulations, you are finished!

Take a picture of your structure and show it off on our facebook page!


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