Hailing from Pemulwuy, NSW 2145, Solid Dynamics is a leading tubular fittings and tube clamps manufacturer serving Australia, Asia-Pacific and Oceania. Tube clamps are galvanized pipe fittings designed for easy installation. Because of their unique cost-effective design, these pipe clamps provide the ability to connect and build structurally secure objects. Our handrail pipe fittings can help minimize labour costs and construction time. This provides many customers with peace of mind. Instead of worrying about hiring workers and estimating a completion time, customers can quickly install our cast iron fittings and concentrate on their other obligations.


DURABLE - No welding Needed - easy to use
adaptable - flexible - modular
Efficient - cost-effective

The building possibilities are endless with Tubeclamp. The only limitation is your imagination. From home DIY projects like clothing racks to at-home gym setups, Tubeclamp have helped many business owners and individuals create high-quality, long-lasting structures. Our product’s modular nature allows for customization and versatility unlike any other galvanized fitting on the market. Browse our website to see what Tubeclamp can do for you or call us today to discover a better way to connect!

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